Where is the Salar  Artificial Stone used?

Industrial stone usage:

Since ancient times, rocks have been used in construction of important buildings because of their durability and high strength, even in some cases the type of rock in a region determines the type of architecture of that area.

For example, Persepolis is built from limestone and historic buildings of the city of Florence, Italy from Marbella Carrara.

Today, due to the advancement of technology in mining and transportation, the use of stone is widely used and widely used in various construction sectors. Some of the functional stone include interior and exterior walls, office buildings, public and hygiene facilities, shops, dining halls, parking lots and so on.

Due to the environmental and atmospheric conditions, the type of stone used in the outer facades differs for each climate. The use of low porosity stones and high resistance to cold and frosty environments, the use of various travertine for interior wall decoration due to its high porosity and numerous streaks and finally industrial stones  used in  industrial, commercial, and administrative and residential projects , also in parking around the world due to their production conditions, high compression and water absorption are very low, which can be compared to bending and abrasion resistance, as well as water absorption with granite.