.The Salar manufactory company was founded in 2000 by engineers and shareholders of Parsican construction co

Parsican co . , one of the largest construction companies in the country , with more than half a century of background and implementation of national projects , including Tehran – Karaj Train , Shariati heart hospital , Building of Islamic Summit  and etc. in 2000 , decided to establish the production plant in the field of industrial stone of antique washed concrete . So after registering the Sazan Sang Salar co, negotiates with Breton in Italy, which is the largest manufacturer of machinery and equipped with the most advanced technology in the world. Salar was launched in 2003 in the Sepehr Industrial Zone of Nazarabad, Albors province, in an area of 50,000 m²

One of the founders of this company is the late engineer Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Kamali, a pioneer in the construction industry, who, was the chairman of the board, until the end of his life. He was graduated from Tehran university in 1943 in the field of road engineering and he died on April 4, 2007 at the age of 88. Mr Seyed Safa al-din Niyazmand is one of the founders of this large group who has been managing the company for 10 years.

In 2010, with the change of shareholders and directors of the company, it started working with Dr Seyed Mohammad Dehghan Nayeri as a new management. This period can be called the Salar flourishing period

Salar company recorded its major projects, including the development of Masomeh shrine (majesty), Velayat Park, Qasr Museum Garden, Aftab exhibition center, Imam Khomeini shrine and hundreds of other national projects

Another honors of Salar is exporting to more than 19 countries: Countries as Australia, South Africa, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, France,

تنها تولید کننده کفپوش بتنی ضد سایش در خاور میانه

مجتمع کارخانجات سالار

تنها تولید کننده موزاسنگ فول بادی 60*60 در خاورمیانه

زیبایی سنگ طبیعی را با موزاسنگ به شما الهام میبخشیم

هماهنگی تکنولوژی و زیبایی

تنها تولید کننده واش بتن با تکنولوژی Terastone در ابعاد 61*61 در خاورمیانه

بیایید ماجراجویی کنیم

تنها تولید کننده سنگ صنعتی پایه بتن با تکنولوژی برتون ایتالیا در خاورمیانه

تلاش می کنیم کیفیت محصولات ما شایسته انتخاب شما باشد.